31 Days of Story

Welcome to the #Write31Days blogging marathon!

During the month of October, I’m writing a blog post every day for 31 days (at least that’s the plan) on the topic of “Story”. The Lord has given me a passion for telling life stories and for helping others capture and share their stories. I’ve created a free e-book, sent to all new subscribers, that explains why life stories are important and helps you walk through recording your own. Topics from that e-book will be woven throughout the 31 blog posts, interspersed with some of my life stories, a few book reviews and a couple of guest posts from fellow storytellers.

Below are links to each day’s blog post. Please check out and share the ones that interest you. Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

Sunday, October 1: Digging Up Roots and Gathering Life Stories
Monday, October 2: Telling My “Come to Jesus Moment” Is Easier the More I Share It
Tuesday, October 3: Tools for Telling the Story God Has Given You
Wednesday, October 4: Sharing Hope: Putting Flesh on Your Testimony
Thursday, October 5: You Are Your Stories, and They Are Priceless
Friday, October 6: Guest Post: You Can Go Home Again
Sunday, October 8: Break the Resistance That’s Keeping You From Taking Action
Monday, October 9: The World Needs Your Stories
Tuesday, October 10: Tell Your Stories, That the Next Generation Might Know Them
Wednesday, October 11: When We Are Changed By Telling Our Stories
Thursday, October 12: Follow the Pattern of Sound Words: Truth in Storytelling
Friday, October 13: Guest Post: Telling Stories Opens Them To Something Greater Than Ourselves
Saturday, October 14: Telling Stories: Of Cookies, Hope, Birthdays and a Christmas Miracle
Sunday, October 15: A Story from the Master Storyteller
Monday, October 16: Don’t Waste the Witness of Hard Things
Tuesday, October 17: Melody of Life Stories: The Why and How of Sharing Them
Wednesday, October 18: When Words Bring Healing and Life
Thursday, October 19: Treasure: Preserving Family Histories for Generations To Come